Championing the Neurodivergent cause through information, engagement and education.

The Neurodivergent advantage.

“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move to higher levels.”
-Albert Einstein, 1946

Humans are diverse. From the colour of our hair to the sound of our voice and everything in between – No two people are alike. Our brains are no different. Each is unique, with equally unique strengths and weaknesses. Some are more unique than others though. Unique enough that when given the right environment, their differences can thrive in ways society has only just begun to realise.

Higher productivity, more creativity and greater employee loyalty are just some of the countless benefits that come from thinking differently enough to be considered Neurodivergent. These differences are needed now more than ever before; Vessel autonomy, carbon neutrality and the ever changing regulatory environment are forcing the marine industry to innovate in ways and at speeds never-before-seen in living memory. New solutions are needed to address problems and challenges – Solutions that can only come from embracing a different way of thinking.

Unfortunately, we put obstacles in the way of people that think differently. Whether it be through psychometric testing, outdated recruitment policies, or a simple lack of knowledge and understanding – All are barriers that prevent the industry from harnessing this unique pool of talent.

We’re here to change that.

Why NeurodiversAtSea?

The challenge.

We were founded to tackle a simple, yet daunting problem: A marine industry that not only lacks, but excludes Neurodivergence.

The goal.

An industry where doesn’t need to exist. We’ll reach this by:

  • Starting an open, honest and frank conversation about the state of Neurodivergence within the industry,
  • Educating the industry about the benefits of Neurodivergence,
  • Helping to create pathways into the industry for the Neurodivergent community,
  • Supporting the Neurodivergent community to stay in the industry,

Differences, defined.


The innate differences in how people think, act and process themselves and their surroundings. A scientific fact that’s as natural as the differences in sexuality, ethnicity and attraction that make each of us unique. Often mistaken for illness or a negative thing, when given the right environment it can have endless benefits. As those with ASD, AD(H)D and SpLDs think differently, they’re Neurodivergent. Everyone else is Neurotypical.


Autism Spectrum Disorder. A spectrum condition that impacts how people interpret and interact with the world around them, especially socially. Ranges from very high (sometimes called Asperger’s syndrome) to very low functioning (noun). Known to cause greater sustained concentration, intelligence, company loyalty and knowledge retention.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Affects concentration, impulsiveness and restlessness. (noun). Known to cause greater flexibility, resilience, and ability to adapt to rapidly changing situations.


Specific Learning Difference(s). Affects learning. Includes Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia. (noun). Known to cause out of the box solutions to challenges, greater resilience, determination and creativity.

In numbers.

Neurodivergent employees at JPMorgan Chase were up to 48% more productive than their neurotypical candidates.

After three to six months, Neurodivergent employees at JPMorgan Chase were working at speeds typical candidates needed three years to reach – While being more than 50% more productive.

Up to 1 in 7 (more than 15%, or 10,182,901) people in the UK are Neurodivergent.

In 2021, just 21.6% of UK adults on the autism spectrum were reported to be in employment, according to data from the office for national statistics.