• NeurodiversAtSea Achieves Registered Charity Status in the UK

    29 June 2024 – NeurodiversAtSea, a pioneering organisation dedicated to promoting neurodiversity in maritime industries, is proud to announce its official registration as a charity in the United Kingdom. The Charity Commission has granted NeurodiversAtSea the registered charity number 1208735.

    NeurodiversAtSea was established to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by neurodiverse individuals within maritime sectors. The organisation focuses on fostering inclusivity, providing tailored support, and advocating for policies that recognise and harness the strengths of neurodiverse talent.

    “We are thrilled to achieve this significant milestone,” said Daniel Smith, Chairperson of NeurodiversAtSea. “Becoming a registered charity in the UK not only validates our mission but also enhances our ability to drive positive change within the maritime industry. This status will enable us to expand our programmes, reach more individuals, and create a more inclusive and supportive environment for neurodiverse professionals at sea.”

    The newly acquired charity status will empower NeurodiversAtSea to:

    • Expand Outreach: Increase awareness and understanding of neurodiversity in maritime careers through educational initiatives and partnerships.
    • Provide Resources: Develop and distribute resources tailored to the needs of neurodiverse individuals, including training programmes, mentorship opportunities, and workplace accommodations.
    • Advocate for Change: Collaborate with industry stakeholders to promote policies and practices that support neurodiversity and inclusivity in the maritime sector.
    • Foster Community: Create a strong, supportive network for neurodiverse individuals, offering a platform for sharing experiences, challenges, and successes.

    NeurodiversAtSea invites supporters, industry partners, and the wider community to join them in celebrating this achievement and to support their ongoing efforts to champion neurodiversity in maritime industries.

    For more information about NeurodiversAtSea and how to get involved, please visit

    About NeurodiversAtSea

    NeurodiversAtSea is dedicated to promoting and supporting neurodiversity within the maritime industry. Through advocacy, education, and tailored support programmes, NeurodiversAtSea aims to create an inclusive environment that recognises and leverages the unique strengths of neurodiverse individuals, ensuring they have equal opportunities to thrive in maritime careers.

  • Neurodiversatsea Responds to Maritime Skills Commission Human Skills and Behaviours Report – February 2024

    29th February 2024: Neurodiversatsea, the seafarers’ neurodiversity charity, today broadly welcomed the Maritime Skills Commission’s Human Skills and Behaviours Report- February 2024.
    We welcome the Maritime Skills Commission’s call for ‘promotion’ to attract a neurodiverse skills base and for the industry to be ‘inclusive of people with autism, of different cultures, with disability [and]- neurodiversity (sic)’. We celebrate the acknowledgement that “neurodiverse (sic) individuals are often particularly suited for jobs where intense focus is required,” and invite engagement with the concept of ‘spiky profiles’ and the current research base on the much broader variety of strengths and occupational characteristics associated with neurodivergent seafarers.
    However the Commission’s assertion that “Neurodiverse (sic) seafarers could be better supported with their additional needs and work could be done to help them achieve their full potential” must be urgently amplified. In fact, aside from examination provision, we find no evidence of systematic workplace adjustments, ISM mechanisms or STCW leadership competence in place to support the potential quarter of seafarers who may have been diagnosed with a neurodivergent condition, including dyslexia, autism and ADHD. In the seagoing context, we find no evidence for the report’s claim that “neurodiversity is now better supported.” This deficit is likely to result in systemic discrimination, individual breaches of disability legislation – and to lost talent and potential.
    We welcome the sentiment that “There may currently be more suitable opportunities for neurodiverse and physically diverse people, due to the trend to work from home, negating the need to commute to work,” noting the potential relevance of MASS and remote technologies to seafarers with technical aptitude and strong interests. However, we note the rich neurodiversity of seafarers, and the already frequent incidence of neurodivergence. We therefore call for availability of reasonable adjustments in the existing seafaring workplace, including accessible technologies, training and Universal Design.
    Neurodiversatsea therefore echoes the call for “more understanding and research about diversity and in particular, neurodiversity” and agrees with “the importance of treating people as individuals, accepting that not everyone will “fit the same mould.” We therefore invite the Commission to engage with Neurodiversatsea, and with our research.

    Notes to editors

    NeurodiversAtSea was established in 2022. Its founding documents and charitable purpose can be accessed below.

    NeurodiversAtSea.Org founding document

    Images are available on request.


  • NeurodiversAtSea concludes survey

    15th January 2023: NeurodiversAtSea, the seafarers’ neurodiversity charity, has today concluded our first-in-industry survey, gathering data on the current state of neurodivergence within the industry.

    We have now started to analyse the large amount of data we’ve recieved, and look forward to releasing our white paper within Q1 2023.

    On behalf of every Neurodivergent seafarer currently working at sea, and those yet to enter the industry, thankyou to those who took the time to fill out the survey or spread word of it’s existence.

  • Neurodiversity Benchmark Survey Launch

    NeurodiversAtSea Launches Neurodiversity Benchmark Survey

    4th October 2022: NeurodiversAtSea, the seafarers’ neurodiversity charity, today announced the launch of its first annual Neurodiversity Benchmark Survey. The survey aims to gather data in support of a maritime neurodiversity strategy.

    The survey can be found here:

    “The survey is the first of its kind,” explains chair and founder Dan Smith. “It will identify the range and depth of neurodiversity in our profession and the challenges faced by neurodivergent seafarers. Uniquely, it will identify the scope of the opportunity to leverage neurodivergence within the industry.” Smith dubs this “the neurodivergent advantage.”  

    The resulting industry strategy will be published in the New Year and will be based on a corporate commitment. This will provide an actionable toolkit for employers to harness the benefits of a neurodiverse workforce, including methods and policy for managers, ashore and at sea. Crucially, it will be grounded in evidence and best practices, seeking to develop metrics.  Neurodiversity strategies are, Smith notes, currently well established in the City, where leading institutions now quantify the benefits of neurodiverse workforces, including nearly 50% higher productivity per neurodivergent worker.  

    “Neurodiversity means embracing the full spectrum of talent at work,” emphasizes co-founder and trustee, James Stockbridge. “Seafarers are incredibly diverse, but our industry still has a huge opportunity both to acquire and develop neurodiverse talent, and to do the right thing by neurodivergent seafarers. Metrics are a first step to realising the neurodivergent advantage, for both seafarers and employers. We strongly encourage anyone in the industry to complete the survey, and to share it with colleagues.”

    About NeurodiversAtSea

    NeurodiversAtSea is the seafarers’ neurodiversity charity. Founded by seafarers and informed by leaders in industry, academia and the charitable sector, it champions neurodivergent seafarers and the ‘neurodivergent advantage’. It aims to end discrimination and prejudice, and to enable neurodivergent individuals to succeed in maritime professions.

    Notes to editors

    NeurodiversAtSea was established in 2022. Its founding documents and charitable purpose can be accessed below.

    Images are available on request.